On Israel- Rich O’Dell

The following is a “mini-saga” (literary piece no longer than 50 words in length) on the topic “What Israel Means to Me.”

The author is Rich O’Dell, 8th Grade Jewish Studies teacher at The Davis Academy.

As Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut approach I look forward to receiving and sharing other mini-sagas on the topic of Israel.


Chagall, Marc, La lutte du Jacob et du l’Ange (The Fight Between Jacob & the Angel), 1967




Yisrael sheli

Fighting to better myself
Father, children
Link in the chain

Heartache, hummus
Schnitzel, Simcha
Yarden, Sachneh, Arba’ah Yamim
Phoenix reborn
in precious waters

Am Echad
Goy kadosh
Blessing and Curse before me

Living major and minor keys
Always performing
Just keep practicing, keep practicing

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