What I Really Learned at Harvard

1. There’s nothing like sitting on a bus for 10 minutes with 50 other people before they turn the AC on.

2. Sometimes friendships form instantly.

3. Even the most collaborative and gentle of people can become fiercely competitive under the right circumstances.

4. Secret handshakes bring people closer.

5. Educators aren’t much better about forming and standing in a giant circle than middle schoolers. We aren’t great at following instructions for taking a large group picture either.

6. Many more of us should take a walk in the woods much more often.

7. Part of being human means having the same fears and dreams as everyone else, but in an intensely personal way.

We spent the day at Moraine Farm/ Project Adventure.

8. Achieving balance with a team and achieving balance in oneself are both a delicate dance.

9. It is possible to tackle a difficult and aggravating problem/challenge with total joy, humor, and celebratory dedication.

10. Our bodies are unaccustomed to moving in unpredictable ways.

11. Stretching physically helps with stretching mentally and emotionally. In fact, all stretching is intertwined.

12. Making a connection with only one person, from say, Amarillo, can transform our thoughts, feelings, and concern for, say, Amarillo.

13. Texans are continually surprising.

14. Paying your own way is a powerful statement of purpose and integrity.

15. Raw vegetables are awesome, but delicious veggie soup is even awesomer. 

16. Inspirational educators are the most hope filled people in the world.

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