The Torah of Kid President

My colleague Drew Frank just sent around the most recent installment of Kid President:


If Kid President doesn’t put a big smile on your face then you’ve fully surrendered to some sort of soul eroding cynicism. In this video Kid President makes one of my favorite observations about education– we’re all teachers and we’re all learners, life is school, and we’re in class all the time (there are no grades).

I’m calling this post “The Torah of Kid President” because his observation about the deep connection between teaching and learning is one that we live here at The Davis Academy where all of us, parents, faculty, and, most importantly, students are engaged in ongoing teaching and learning. It’s also captured by the Hebrew language where the root: Lamed-Mem-Dalet is the source of the word: lomeid (learn) and m’lameid (teach).

We can’t be reminded enough that, from a Jewish perspective, teaching and learning are deeply and inextricably intertwined.

We cannot teach if we aren’t actively involved in ongoing learning. The wells of inspiration, motivation, and information will simply run dry. Similarly, learners of all ages must understand that having much to learn and much to teach aren’t mutually exclusive.

How do we get kids to understand how much they have to teach not just how much they have to learn? For starters, those of us who teach  can be sensitive to the flow and structure of our lessons– how much are we hearing our own voice versus how much we are creating a space for our students to share theirs? When we tip the scales in favor of hearing the ideas and insights of our students then we create communities of learning and teaching that are profoundly dynamic and enriching.




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