Teach Your Children- Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser

Rabbi Naamah Kelman, the Dean of the Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion’s Jerusalem Campus shares:

Life lessons for our children:

1. I have tried to teach my children that they are a “heirs” to a glorious heritage, in fact they might think that they were born into Jewish “aristocracy”. But they have to earn this blessing.

 2. My children have accused me of being a snob, but I argue that I simply have high standards….like “be a mentch”!

 3. As my parents taught me: never take yourself too seriously, but take others very seriously.

4. Hachnasat Orchim: welcome family, friends, pilgrims and wayfarers in your home; this is a great mitzvah, particularly for shabbat and holidays. Share the bounty of our traditions with others.

(Rabbi Naamah Kelman is a feminist Jewish mother ( a creation of the 20th century indeed!) and most recently a completely “retro” Jewish Grandmother: he is THE prince!!!)


Sunrise in Acadia, Maine

Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser, synagogue educator at congregation Or Chadash in Atlanta, GA, shares:

Three of the many life lessons that I’ve tried to instill in my kids (and for that matter all the kids that I’ve had the privilege to teach) are:

 1. While you don’t have to be perfect, or even near perfect, you do have to use your gifts and try your best.

 2. Watch what you say to people and about people – words can bring cheer and inspiration or they can be cruel and hurtful – use them carefully.

 3. There is an entire world out there for you to explore and for you to help fix – turn off the T.V. and get out there!

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