Put that Matzah to Good Use

Shalom Old Friend!


Inspired by the fabulously playful music video: 20 Things to Do with Matzah by William Levin and Michelle Citrin, my 5th grade students brainstormed a list of creative uses for Matzah once Pesach is done. Here are a few:

1. Fan

2. Hat

3. Kippah

4. Paint Palette

5. Air Filter

6. Math Resource: Fractions, Geometry etc…

7. Door Mat

8. Shovel (not sure about this one)

9. Life Raft for Small Animals

10. ipad Cover

As it turns out, Matzah is a remarkably pliable resource in spite of its relatively mundane taste. It was a lot of fun to hear the crazy ideas that the kids came up with and I look forward to seeing if the adult guests at this year’s sedarim are able to think as creatively as the kids!

Chag Sameach!!


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