On Israel- Rabbi Laura Baum, Dr. Alex Sinclair, Felicia Voloschin

Rabbi Laura Baum of OurJewishCommunity.org and Congregation Beth Adam writes:

“On this Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day), I think of a soldier whom I don’t know.  He is in the photo below, taken by my friend Barbara when she visited me in Israel.  A young man, a soldier, we saw eating a burger and fries at McDonalds in Jerusalem. So ordinary, and yet the gun in the picture feels so out of my ordinary.  Still, I know it is good and necessary – for it protects Israel.”


Dr. Alex Sinclair, Director of Programs in Israel Education, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Jewish Education,Jewish Theological Seminary shares:

“Loving a baby is simple.  You love and provide for her.  She can do no wrong.  It’s uncomplicated.

Loving your adolescent child is more complicated.  You still love him, but you sometimes disagree with each other.  You try to have these disagreements become educative and nurturing.  You can collaborate and build ideas together.  You sometimes find each other infuriating and frustrating; yet you still try to remain in loving dialogue.  It’s a more complicated love – and a much richer love.

Our problem in Israel education is that too often, we imagine that our love for Israel should be baby love, whereas in fact it should be adolescent love.”

Felicia Voloschin, CPA/CFP and Davis Academy parent asks reflects:

“History reveals others have given so much.  Risking all.  Devoting all.

To Israel, a place I have not yet been, yet so deeply long to go.  Knowing all the lives lost and all the self-less actions by others for the Jewish Homeland to be returned to the Jews of recent times.   There are no words, only utter admiration for those heroes who have guarded Israel, and give us all the opportunity to dream of a peaceful time when true negotiations and not bombs will be directed at Her cities.

To contemplate my role is a constant struggle.  Along with all the daily responsibilities of family and work, I did not have the Outliers fortune of Jewish Study throughout my life.  Thus far, I have only taken little steps to try and continue the big steps taken by others.

What part do you play in joining others you may or may not always agree with to support the Jewish home of Israel?  Are the holidays of the Yoms just passive remembrance or a move to actively inspire?”

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