On Israel- Rabbi David Wolpe and Dan Brosgol

Rabbi David Wolpe, celebrated author and rabbi at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles writes:

 “When Israel was founded:
Its citizens came from authoritarian and totalitarian countries.  They created a democracy.
Its citizens never served in the armed forces.  They created an army that saved a beleaguered state.
Jews had no common language. Today Hebrew is reborn.
        Spun from hope and yearning, dreams become real.”


Just back from an extended visit to Israel, Dan Brosgol, the Director of Prozdor Hebrew High School at Hebrew College, shared two “mini-sagas”:

“17 years of Israel travel- half a lifetime.

For me it is a foundation stone of not just my Jewish identity, but my personal identity.

This spring I took my son for the first time. Whirlwind. Exhausting. Incredible.

Says he: ‘Daddy, this trip is so great, it’s like a dream.’

Tears. Even now.”


    “My first time in Israel-1995. Found this poem written on the rocks in Mitzpe Ramon. I still carry it in my wallet and I still love the desert.

 Blood of man/Spirit of earth/The dew in the desert/Like the spirit of man

Hidden precious moments/Borrowed from eternity

Mortal man/Like mountains that rose from the sea/Drifts in the wind”









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