Life Lessons from Israel- Part 1

For as long as I can remember I’ve always jotted down “Life Lessons.” For me, it’s a convenient framing mechanism for reflecting on different types of experiences. Here a few reflections (aka “Life Lessons”) I jotted down while chaperoning my school’s 8th grade Israel trip. If they resonate, great! Feel free to add!!


1. Feet retain memory.

2. Bargaining is an art.

3. Humor breaks down all social barriers.

4. Given life’s brevity, our capacity for love, feeling, growing, and creating is clearly and undeniably a reflection of the Divine.

5. Dancing burns more calories than fighting.

6. How quickly we forget and how suddenly we remember.

7. There are no bad singers, only self-conscious ones.

8. We all end up in the same place, even though we travel many different routes to get there.

9. Sharing is the most vulnerable activity in which we participate.

10. 14 year- olds have a lot to say and a lot that’s worth listening to.

11. Long bus rides guarantee that someone will need to pee before arriving at the destination!

12. Intentional small acts of loving-kindness are even better than random ones.

13. It’s often the 15 minutes before sunrise that yield the splendor.

14. Stories live longer than people.

15. We create holiness by eliciting it from others.

16. Love everyone you can, as much as you are able.

17. Give the gift of receiving.

18. Truth is manifest, easily detected, yet seldom appreciated.

19. Each person is a universe with vast resources waiting to be discovered.

20. “Time” is our most complicated relationship.

21.Life is both the strongest and most fragile force there is.

22. The enduring legacy of the past is the capacity to change and the courage to carry on.

23. Every child contains a piece of ourselves when we were young.

24. Someone told the first “knock knock” joke.

25. We never lose the capacity to be like a kid in a candy store, it’s just that the kid and the candy store change over time.

26. Young people demonstrate the capacity and willingness to answer any and all questions more often than not with seriousness, sincerity, and a total lack of irony.


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