Life Lessons from Israel- Part 2

1. Something magical occurs when we invite others to share thoughtfully, authentically, and intentionally.

2. Shabbat is holy in part because it gives meaning and structure to time.

3. It will always be more powerful to show rather than tell.

4. Every community should celebrate its poets, artists, musicians, and intellectuals.

5. We are most likely to be the kind of role model we wish we’d had or the role model we did have.

6. When we are experiencing holiness and feel the presence of God we intuitively know how to respond.

7. Education is one of the most fundamental human endeavors. There has never been nor could there ever be a society without education as a central cultural activity.


Jaffa Oranges

8. Being there at a time of need for someone we care about is a great privilege and presents a sacred obligation.

9. Hope is the most universal human message.

10. Our ability to imagine boundless love and communion is far greater than our ability to fathom evil and hate. This is because human nature is fundamentally good.

11. There is nothing more humbling that to know that we have earned the respect and admiration of those that we respect and admire or of young people that consider us their teachers.

12. Everything tastes better when shared.

13. What is transformative for one person may be fleeting to another.

14. There’s nothing in the world like walking on cool sand for the first time in a long time.

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