Life Lessons from Israel- Part 4

1. Either all perception is misperception, or no perception is misperception.

2. A mall is a mall is a mall is a mall.

3. We all have the capacity to act as if the whole world were created only for us.

4. If the possibility of everyone acting in the exact same way as me is logically impossible or ethically undesirable then I’m doing something wrong.

5. A familiar face in an unexpected place can be a source of great joy.

6. To truly listen I have to stop thinking about how I will respond.

7. The phone is a poor substitute for the face.

8. The face is a poor substitute for the heart.

Welcome to Kibbutz Haon Guest House. Turn down service at 5!!

9. We grow on the basis of foreign, uncomfortable, and difficult experiences.

10. One day the pool is closed for a chemical treatment, the next day it’s full of people, and the day after it’s being chemically treated again.

11. Room 111 being immediately next door to room 115 only makes sense in Israel.

12. It is a privilege to engage in work that requires full presence and humanity.

13. Many people do extraordinary things as if they were quite ordinary. Maybe there is no “ordinary” only “extraordinary.”

14. Life entails the potential, even the extreme likelihood, of intensely conflicting emotions and situations with little or no warning.

15. There are two types of people– those who can and will fight in a war, and those who can’t and won’t. Amazingly, most of us dont know which we are.

16. Cherish the times and places in life when people expect you to be unreachable.

Jerusalem Trash Can

17. A well-timed and thoughtful gesture is never a bad idea.

18. More meaning gets lost in “transliteration” than in “translation.”

19. “Survival” and “living” are two different things.

20. Everyone loves a playground.

21. A vision driven educational system supported by both parents and teachers is the most powerful force there is.


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