Life Lessons from Israel- Part 3

Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem


1. Celebrate the universe within and the universal within.

2. Kids will almost always choose lasagna over quiche.

3. Circular spaces are conducive to good dialogue.

4. Loving-kindness is the purest cavannah.

5. Even a downhill hike is still a hike.

6. Sniffing an article of clothing to assess its level of cleanliness is a risky endeavor, especially when traveling or in middle school.


Outside the Old City, Jerusalem


7. “Who/what is holding you back?” is a very different question than, “Who/what is holding you?”

8. The ability to re-frame is one of our most powerful meaning-making tools.

9. The camaraderie of chaperones is a unique bond.

10. You never know what a conversation might mean for a single person or for the entire world.

11. There can never be too many sincere expressions of gratitude.

12. Laughter alters physiology and psychology.

Sculpture of King David, Old City, Jerusalem

13. Kids are perceptive.

14. Geological time can only be contemplated for so long before undermining all illusions of personal grandeur.

15. Everyone has stories worth sharing, much to teach, and deserves to be heard.

16. Great musicians keep themselves engaged and interested, but not at the expense of their audience.

17. Spirituality does not exist “within”, as much as it does “between.”

18. Sometimes you have to get spun around, end up backwards for awhile, or crash into the river banks before reaching your destination.

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