Life Lessons from California and Back

1. All of a sudden my two year old has an awareness of thunder as something powerful and frightening.

2. Dining out with said two year old is essentially a low stakes game of Russian Roulette.

3. Part of the power of lifecycle events is that they are deeply personal and deeply universal at the same time.

4. We must constantly renew our commitment to even our most fundamental principles.

5. There’s no way to be “ready” when it comes to the big stuff.

6. When you see 150 children performing in a school music and each one has an intricate, one of a kind costume, consider that someone lovingly glued the beads and cut the felt.

7. Good theater transforms the actor as well as the audience.


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

8. Some days are meant for writing songs.

9. We learn a lot about ourselves based on who we turn to for advice and counsel.

10. We also learn  a lot about ourselves when we notice what we consistently appreciate and value in others.

11. Stress– being too overwhelmed and distracted to value the person in front of us.

12. Great teachers know how to evoke.

13. It’s almost always easier to leave the rock where it is rather than lift it to see what’s underneath.

14. There’s nothing in life quite like a great friend.

15. The mere existence of an Israeli foreign film on a domestic flight is as close to a sign from God as one can hope for when flying these days.

16. We’re all way too hard on ourselves. Living, loving, working, contributing, sharing, laughing. This should be more than enough.



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