Life Lessons- A Typical Week




1. Just be real.

2. Working on our weaknesses can make a difference.

3. Relationships are everything.

4. If you don’t ask, then the answer is no.

5. Two minutes is plenty of time for a meaningful interaction.

6. Sometimes it can take years to act on a piece of constructive feedback. But people have long memories and are likely to notice when you do act.

7. It feels good to create a thing of beauty.

8. It feels even better to create a thing of beauty with others.

9. If all human beings were artists then the world we be a radically different place. The irony is that we are all artists; most of us don’t get to nourish this part of our humanity.

10. Community: being welcome to eat at the potluck even if that’s your only contribution.

11. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. It must bring out our inner pirate or something.

12. How we view death says a lot about how we view life.

13. It’s good to know a generous soul who is an expert in the language of Microsoft Excel.

14. There’s likely a great idea staring each of us in the face right now.

15. We are all liturgists. Some of us write prayers, some of us utter prayers, and some of us live prayers.

16. Teaching kids how to bow out of commitments respectfully and with integrity is an important task for adults.

17. Sometimes it takes great courage to initiate a meeting or even a conversation.

18. It is a profound honor to be called upon to offer wisdom and insight to one’s elders.

19. Even when you’re convinced otherwise, someone is always listening.

20. Regrets are the gateway to commitments.

21. Most ends are actually just beginnings.

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