“Israel Moments” from the Davis Academy 2012 Trip

Hey Class of 2012!!!!! One year ago we took our amazing Israel trip. On our way home you all shared your “Israel Moments.” Feel free to comment whether they’ve changed or stayed the same. We miss you and are proud of all you’re doing in the world!

A Collection of “Israel Moments” from the 2012 8th Grade Trip*


“Touching and praying at the kotel.” Jordan Gold

“Breakfast at the Bedouin tent after Masada.” Max Harris

“Floating in the Dead Sea.” Noah Caspi

“The second I touched the kotel.” Harrison Lipsky

“Walking through the water tunnel at the City of David.” Abi Szabo

“Driving through the barren desert and knowing that my ancestors walked there.” Rachel Kaufman

“Everywhere we went we were able to sing songs and that always put me in a good mood.” Sara Srochi

“Sunrise on Masada.” Sammy Harris

“Rafting down the Jordan river with five of my close friends.” Mallory Goldenberg

“The song sessions in all the different cities in Israel.” Zoe Light

“The magic steps in Haifa.” Alyssa Quatela

“Guitar on the steps in Haifa.” Jake Footer

“Snorkeling in the Red Sea.” Anna Rosing

“Walking with my friends in the boardwalk shuk in Eilat.” Jessica Bachner

“Sitting in a circle near the magic steps and sharing spiritual moments.” Maddie Fleischmann

“Every night time bonding experience that gave me inseparable bonds with my classmates.” Carly Shoulberg

“When I was at the kotel and I put on tefillin and then put my note in the way.” Zachary Chase

“Floating in the Dead Sea.” Max Miller

“Walking on the streets of Jerusalem.” Ashley Spector

“Snorkeling in the Dead Sea, the reef was so pretty.” Cassidy Aronin

“Being on the steps in Haifa and when all the guys finally joined in for singing and we all cried and took it all in.” Nicole Webb

“When we had Shabbat on the beach in Tel Aviv.” Samantha Alterman

“Me, Sophie, and Eliran (our security guard) were playing soccer at Sachne.” Blake Teilhaber

“Standing under the waterfall at Sachne.” Logan Botnick

“Praying at the kotel.” Eric Silver

“Being in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time.” Ben Marcus

“Putting a note in the wall at the kotel.” Evan Miller

“Singing from the Meline’s to Masada all the way to the bus ride to the airport.” Leah Elgart

“The beaches!” Danielle Dinberg

“The kotel.” Sam Baroff

“Climbing Masada and watching the sunrise.” Jamie Greenberg

“The sunrise on Masada.” Daniel Gothard

“Walking around Jerusalem with my grade.” Abby Schwartz

“Collecting balls of salt from the bottom of the Dead Sea.” Max Brandwine

“Walking around Haifa with Mr. Barry.” Larry Yanovich

“Having the opportunity to speak openly about my religious beliefs.” Sophie Frostbaum

“The bus rides with friends and enjoying the amazing scenery all around me.” Sammi Schiff

“Singing in the Mediterranean Sea.” Marley Gordon

“Seeing the Mediterranean Sea for the first time at Rosh HaNikra.” Rebecca Greenberg

“NA NA NA.” Mr. O’Dell

“The Meline’s house when we were all crying together and I realized how much I loved all of my friends and how much I will miss them but how wonderful our future together will be.” Shaina Goldfein

“Climbing Masada.” Anna Goldstein

“Hanging out at the beach in Eilat as well as the shuk.” Cody Wertheimer

“At the Meline’s house when everyone was crying and we realized that we will be graduating as a family.” Rachel Nemeth

“Our song session at the Kinneret when everyone took a turn with the guitar.” Micah Lapidus

“The Dead Sea.” Ben Stinar

“Finding a spot to put my note in the kotel.” Michelle Nelkin

“We like big…” Matt Barry

“Rosh HaNikra, it was really pretty and I loved looking at the water.” Becca Meline

“When the fish were eating at our feet at Sachne.” Ethan Hertz

“Experiencing the most perfect day of my life ever starting with the sunrise at Masada with the 60+ people I care most about in my family and then seeing it set in Tel Aviv. How often do you get to see the sun rise and set with such a special community?” Ms. Kendrick

“Seeing my Israeli friends and being with my grade in the place that never gets old for me.” Jansen Redler

“Driving into Jerusalem and all singing “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav.”… choked me up!” Bonnie Sobelson

“Being with our grade in the Reform synagogue in Haifa and singing along. I loved it when the bar mitzvah boy invited us to his service the following day!” Kadey Burstein

“Becoming friends with so many new people in the grade when I thought it was too late.” Lille Brown

“Floating in the Dead Sea.” Drew Shullman

“The stairs in Haifa when we did Havdallah and were singing together in a big circle, connecting and bonding for the first time.” Julie Covall

“Riding the camel with Michelle. We had been waiting a long time and finally go to do it!” Jamie Antonino

“Floating in the Dead Sea.” Sammi Nozick

“Being on the boardwalk in Eilat and doing the fireball ride.” Kyle Rabinowitz

“Havdallah in Haifa, it was the first time I’ve ever done Havdallah and was very important to me.” Evelyn Grinberg

“The disco cruise, dancing and hanging out with all my friends.” Meredith Galanti

“Surviving the hike at Ain Avdat.” Orna Willis

* This list is partially incomplete because it was compiled at Ben Gurion Airport and there were a few students who returned to the States on a different flight (or are still in Israel!). 

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