Hagar School, Beersheva, 2015

The point of rabbi's pen (two words, no caps!)  is to share fresh perspectives on Judaism and Jewish education in particular as well as to promote innovations in Jewish culture.

rabbi's pen is one of two personal websites of Micah Lapidus, a reform rabbi living in Atlanta, GA (aka me). In addition to rabbi's pen I maintain a much more comprehensive website at micahlapidus.com

I am the rabbi and Director of Jewish and Hebrew Studies at The Alfred & Adele Davis Academy, Atlanta's Reform Jewish Day School. I'm also the immediate past president of PARDES: Day Schools of Reform Judaism, the consortium of Reform Jewish Day Schools as well as a trustee on the board of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. I have a doctorate in education from Northeastern University where I conducted research into adolescent spirituality.

I'm an advocate of rigorous and relevant Jewish education that is both intensely fulfilling and intensely challenging for students of all ages and outlooks. I gave an "ELI Talk" on this topic at the North American Jewish Day School Conference in Atlanta in 2012. To the extent that rabbi's pen can be an agitator for positive change in Jewish life it will have met its goal.

Married to Rabbi Loren Filson Lapidus of The Temple (also in Atlanta), and father of Hadara and Caleb Lapidus, I am the composer of the music on the CDs: Be a Blessing (2013), A Palace in Time (2015), and Eit HaZamir (2016). My music has been performed at synagogues and summer camps across the country as well as at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church-- something of which I am particularly proud!

The views expressed on this site do not represent The Davis Academy or any other organization with which I am affiliated.

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