Judaism then, now, soon…

then- Judaism resides in an abundance of history, thought, literature, creativity, stories, songs, philosophies, art, theater, texts, contexts, dreams, mysticisms, laws, tragedies, triumphs, heroes (nameless, timeless, limitless, infamous), visions, prophecies, teachings, journeys, wanderings, Egypts, Sinais, Canaans, exiles, returns, responses, mitzvot, and prayers.

How do we draw on this legacy to enrich our lives, our communities, and our world?

now- Our world is beautiful, confused, broken, angry, compassionate, resilient, bi-polar, stressed, small, digital, impatient, threatened, scared, and scarred.

now- We are searching for meaning, community, connection, hope, vision, integrity, wisdom, God, god, friendship, love, laughter, and courage.

For Judaism to survive it must broadly and urgently assert its relevance now.

soon- We can get there from here. It requires nuance, patience, listening, reflecting, and the desire to understand. These values and others need to be woven into the fabric of our educational systems, our faith communities, our public squares, and our souls.

What can Judaism be?

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